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Meet the COSCOPE Leadership Team

Fountain, CO

headshot of Amber Vaughn, senior professional research assistant

Amber Vaughn, DrPH, MPH

Amber is a Project Manager for Colorado SCOPE as well as the Project and Data Manager. She works with John Adgate in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department at the Colorado School of Public Health. She has experience researching radon behaviors and policy.

Deanna profile pic_edited.jpg

Deanna Kulbeth, MA

Deanna is the Outreach and Recruiting Manager for Colorado SCOPE. She is not native to

Colorado, but arrived in Fountain as fast as she could. Deanna was the Fountain-Fort Carson’s high school valedictorian in 2004, and she has a Master’s in Environmental Learning and a certificate in Water Policy from the University of Arizona. During that time she also worked in public engagement for the University. Deanna also served as a Research Assistant on the pilot study (PFAS-AWARE) conducted in the Fountain Valley in 2018-9.


Micaela Gale, BS

Micaela is the Protocol Compliance and Data Manager SCOPE. She earned her bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Health at the University of Idaho and moved to Colorado to join the Colorado SCOPE team. Micaela has a keen interest in public health research and has

previously worked as a Research Assistant for studies involving children’s health and safety, Native American health, and Washington State Agricultural studies.

Field Team 

Brent - Headshot.jpg

Brent Windebank, BS

Brent is a Professional Research Assistant for Colorado SCOPE. He is a native Colorado resident and obtained his Bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Brent previously studied the impacts of PFAS on microbial communities in Colorado soils as an undergraduate researcher. He has an interest in public health research that allows him to engage a community's issues through the lens of innovative research.


Brenna Campbell

Brenna is a student assistant for CO SCOPE. She cares deeply about human health and will be completing her bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in May 2023. Her career interests include a continuation in the medical field and in public health. Brenna has worked in urgent care and vaccine clinics as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and brings our field team many valuable insights and new ideas about how to increase office efficiency, how the environment affects human health, and how humans affect their environment. Whenever she has free time in her busy schedule, Brenna enjoys hiking with her dogs, volunteering, and reading.  

Profile pic (Daniel).jpg

Daniel Soto

Daniel is a research assistant for Colorado SCOPE. He has received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Daniel's undergraduate research focused on the cellular interactions between proteins and membranes found in Alzheimer’s disease. He enjoys learning anything related to science, including anatomy and physiology. In his free time, you can find Daniel volunteering at local soup kitchens, health clinics, and/or other events in the community.


Anne Wood, Phlebotomist (PBT-ASCP)

Anne brings exceptional experience and expertise to her role as the Professional Research Laboratory Assistant for the CO SCOPE Field Team. Her background since receiving her certification in 2006 has covered all the tasks needed for the MSS research protocol, including biometrics and biospecimen collection, and experience with every age range from pediatrics to geriatrics. After working for several years in the Emergency Department as a technician and EMT, then in Primary Care as a Medical Assistant, she was the Lead Phlebotomist in a clinical reference lab. Anne has years of field wisdom from participating in 2 longitudinal studies for clinical research. The first was with the University of Michigan Aging and Retirement Study. The second was Wave V of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (AddHealth). Anne has also been the primary collector of in-home physical and biological data, including genetic markers and blood-based assays, that took her across the state of Colorado. Anne learned about CO SCOPE through her amazing network of connections and came highly recommended by the study team's phlebotomist in PFAS-AWARE.

Craig, Hannah.jpeg

Hannah Craig, MPH Student

Hannah is a Professional Research Assistant for Colorado SCOPE. She is a graduate student in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department at the Colorado School of Public Health. She received her bachelor’s degree in public health and environmental studies from Tulane University in 2018. Her early career experiences have been in international food systems, migration, and gender research.

University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

headshot of John Adgate, principal investigator

John Adgate, PHD

John is the CO-Principal Investigator for Colorado SCOPE. He is a Professor in the Colorado School of Public Health and Chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health.  His expertise is in exposure and risk assessment. His research interests include: health impacts and sustainability of energy development, PFAS exposure and health effects, children’s environmental health, and the impacts of air pollution and climate change on human health.

headshot of Anne Starling, principal investigator

Anne Starling, PHD

Anne is the Co-Principal Investigator for Colorado SCOPE. She is an assistant professor in the Epidemiology Department in the Colorado School of Public Health as well as the Assistant Director for Environmental Health at the Lifecourse Epidemiology of Adiposity and Diabetes Center. Anne's research has focused on how environmental exposures can impact risk of chronic disease. She has previously looked at how exposure to PFAS during pregnancy may impact risk of preeclampsia. 

headshot of Deborah Glueck, co-investigator

Deb Glueck, PHD

Deb is a Co-Investigator for Colorado SCOPE. She is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Pediatrics in the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and a senior biostatistician with the LEAD (Lifecourse Epidemiology of Adiposity and Diabetes) center at the Colorado School of Public Health.  Deb has a career-long focus on power and sample size for multilevel and longitudinal studies, and on the analysis of longitudinal epidemiological cohort studies and randomized controlled clinical trials.  

headshot of Greta Wilkening, co-investigator

Greta Wilkening, PSYD, PHD

Greta is a Co-Investigator for Colorado SCOPE. Greta is the Director of pediatric Neuropsychology and a Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She is a neuropsychologist with deep experience in the clinical assessment of children. She has had broad involvement in studies addressing the impact of diseases/disorders on development.  Greta has been especially engaged by large, multi-center studies that include neurocognitive assessment, and has endeavored to make it possible to complete these assessments in a reliable, consistent, effective and accurate manner. 

headshot of stephen brindley, laboratory analysis

Stephen Brindley, MS

Stephen will conduct some of the laboratory analysis for the investigator initiated portion of Colorado SCOPE. He is the lab manager of John Adgate's lab in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department at the Colorado School of Public Health. Stephen is skilled at Flow, ELISA, Western Blotting, Size Fractionation, CHIP assays, cell culture, processing human samples, and various other laboratory techniques.

headshot of William Allshouse, environmental science

William (Ben) Allshouse, PhD​, MR

Ben is an Instructor for the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health. He is an environmental scientist with expertise in spatiotemporal modeling of pollutants and diseases. His current research focuses on pollutants produced across the well life cycle during oil and gas development and the effect on surrounding communities, the impact of indoor and outdoor air pollution on children's health, and environmental justice.

Colorado School of Mines

headshot of Chris Higgins, co-investigator

Chris Higgins, PHD

Chris is a co-investigator for Colorado SCOPE. He is an associate professor at the Colorado School of Mines in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Chris's research focuses on the fate, transport, and bioaccumulation of emerging contaminants in the environment. In particular, he has been exploring the fate and biopersistance of PFAS in groundwater systems as well as working to develop analytical techniques to identify and quantify new PFAS compounds.

headshot of Kamini Singha, co-investigator

Kamini Singha, PHD

Kamini is a co-investigator for Colorado SCOPE she is a professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Over the last 15 years, her research has focused on a variety of hydrogeologic processes, including fluid flow and contaminant transport in porous media and fractured rock, groundwater-surface water exchange, the connections between groundwater fluxes, and evapotranspiration, and the application of geophysics to hydrologic problems.

headshot of John McCray, co-investigator

John McCray, PHD

John is a co-investigator for Colorado SCOPE. He is a professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Over the last 25 years, his research has focused on the fate and transport of contaminants in hydrologic systems, with a particular focus on modeling transport in complex groundwater and vadose-zone scenarios (i.e., multiphase, contaminant mixtures, heterogeneous hydrologic systems,

non-linear / non-equilibrium chemistry, hydrobiochemical processes).

headshot of Jessie Meeks, post-doctoral researcher

Jessie Meeks, PHD

Jessie is a post-doctoral researcher in the Higgins lab. Broadly, Jessie is interested in sustainable water security. Under this umbrella, she has worked on a spectrum of topics from groundwater recharge dynamics to emerging contaminants. For her postdoctoral work, she’s exploring the fate and transport of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Prior to her reimmersion in academia, Jessie served as the Hydrogeologist for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Drinking Water Program.

Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment

headshot of Kelsey Barton, toxicologist

Kelsey Barton, MPH

Kelsey was the project manager for Colorado SCOPE and worked with John Adgate in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department at the Colorado School of Public Health. Her interest in exposure science and environmental health risk assessment, risk communication, and environmental epidemiology led her to her new position as a Toxicologist with CDPHE. Kelsey has also previously worked on projects examining indoor air quality and respiratory health as well as health impacts from oil and gas development. 


Mallory O'Brien, BS

Mallory provides support in education, outreach, and communication for CO SCOPE. She works as an Environmental Health Educator at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Mallory has over four years of experience in educating and protecting communities through various environmental health interventions. Mallory previously worked at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment to prevent lead and arsenic exposures to an at-risk residential area. She is passionate about sharing accurate, accessible, science-based health information that is easier for all audience to read and understand. 

headshot of Kristy Richardson, State toxicologist

Kristy Richardson, PHD

Kristy is a co-investigator for Colorado SCOPE. She is an environmental toxicologist working at the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment to protect public health and the environment from hazardous substances. Her goal is to identify exposure pathways, educate community members and local agencies about potential hazards, and evaluate potential health risks to the community and the environment.

Additional Team Members and Consultants

Headshot of Myles Cockburn, co-investigator at the University of Southern California

Myles Cockburn, PHD

Myles is a co-investigator for Colorado SCOPE. He is a Professor in Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. As a cancer epidemiologist with more than 20 years of experience in assessing cancer etiology, and in particular, the etiology and control of cancers, Myles is uniquely qualified to participate in activities related to determining the role of environmental exposures in cancer etiology.

Headshot of Robin Vestergren, consultant

Robin Vestergren, PHD

Robin is a consultant for Colorado SCOPE where he will lend his expertise in exposure and toxicokinetic modeling of PFAS. His primary role will be to contribute to the work on toxicokinetic models to reconstruct historical exposure and spatial variability in communities affected by contaminated groundwater. Robin currently works as a researcher and senior consultant at IVL Swedish environmental research institute.

headshot of Kristi Celico, consultant

Kristi Celico, MPP

Kristi is a consultant for Colorado SCOPE where she facilitates the study's community advisory panel. Kristi is a mediator and facilitator with twenty-five years of experience resolving highly political and controversial environmental and human health challenges.

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