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Presentations from Past Public Meetings and Community Advisory Panel Meetings:

Below are links to past public meeting presentations and community advisory panel meeting notes.

November 10th, 2021 Community Advisory Panel Meeting: 

June 21st, 2021 Community Advisory Panel Meeting:


March 2nd, 2021 Community Advisory Panel Meeting:


December 10th, 2020 Community Advisory Panel Meeting:


Community Advisory Panel

The community advisory panel is a diverse group of individuals who were selected to represent the community and share questions, concerns and advice with the study team. The community advisory panel is facilitated by study consultant Kristi Celico and meets periodically to discuss study progress. These meetings are open to the public. 


Members of the Community Advisory Panel and Affiliations: 

Fran Silva Blayney, Sierra Club

Contact: franblayney@hotmail.com

James Maxon, City of Fountain Fire Chief

Contact: jmaxon@fountaincolorado.org

Kat McGarvy, El Paso County Water Quality

Contact: CatherineMcGarvy@elpasoco.com

Kevin Niles, Stratmoor Hills Water District

Contact: kevin@stratmoorhillswater.org

Liz Rosenbaum, Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition

Contact: 719-661-5108

Molly and Greg Miller, Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition

Contact: mwmiller35@gmail.com

Pat Edelmann, United States Geological Survey (Retired)

Contact: ptdlmnn@gmail.com

Rick Giles, Community Member 

Contact: 719-629-6087

Roy Heald, Security Water and Sanitation District

Contact: r.heald@securitywsd.com

Robin and Kelly Bell, Community Members 

Contact: bellhomes@comcast.net; 3CRBell@comcast.net

Sarah McKinney, Community Member

Contact: 719-642-0220

Steve Patterson, Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition

Contact: Kdnss56@gmail.com

Suzanne Carmody, Community Member 

Contact: carmodys@wsd3.org

Tamara Estes, Fountain City Council

Contact: tjestes@fountaincolorado.org

Technical Advisors:


Bob Benson, Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 

Contact: benson.bob@epa.gov