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Basic information about the study:

  • Enrollment: 1000 adults and 300 children with be enrolled at the Colorado study site.

  • Health Markers: The researchers will be collecting participant data on lipids, kidney function, liver function, thyroid and sex hormones, glucose and insulin parameters, markers of immune function, as well as neurobehavioral outcomes in children.

Eligibility criteria for the study:

  • Age limit: Children must be age 4 or older but there is no upper age limit for adults.  

  • Residence: Must currently live in, or previously lived in, an area that was impacted by PFAS water contamination in El Paso County, CO. 

  • Employment: Unfortunately, if you if were ever employed as a firefighter, ever participated in fire training exercises using Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Concentrates (AFFF), or were ever employed in industrial facilities that used PFAS chemicals in the manufacturing process you will not be eligible. 

We are actively enrolling and scheduling office appointments.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us: 


Phone: (719) 425-8828




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